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A massage that combines firmness and softness. This treatment helps reduce tension and to tone the muscles. It stimulates blood circulation and the nervous system. A popular massage that’s liked by all! *

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Be warned! Massage using methods that dig deep (fist, forearm, elbow). Ideal for athletes with muscle exhaustion. *

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Friday to sunday
60 minFull body

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Massage for pregnant women has many benefits for the mother-to-be. It improves posture, relieves back pain, helps better sleep by harmonizing body and mind, facilitates breathing and softens the skin to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

We have a cushion adapted to comfortably place the pregnant woman on her stomach for the massage. This cushion is also ideal for people who have had breast or vision surgery, nursing mothers, people with hypersensitive breasts, or with abdominal pain.

Since the state of health differs from person to person, your doctor's recommendations are necessary so that there is no risk to the mother or the baby. Pregnancy massage therapy is strongly discouraged at the start of pregnancy (before 4 months) and at the end of pregnancy (after 8 months). A waiver must be completed and signed before receiving your treatment. *

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Friday to sunday
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Tandem Massage

The tandem or duo massage consists of receiving your massage therapy treatment in the same room as the person who is dear to you.

Find out about our availability for this service. Prices vary depending on the type of massage chosen. *

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* Note that we have both men and women massage therapists on our team. If you have a therapist preference for your treatment, please mention it when booking.


Usually, lymphatic drainage is done manually. There are also devices that reproduce the work of the hands, this is called pressotherapy. It is enough to wear "boots" at the level of the legs while remaining lying down.

This method is known to relieve edema, circulatory disorders, venous insufficiency, etc. It activates the elimination of toxins and improves the body's defenses. A one-time treatment or a longer course of treatment, both are sources of well-being for your body.

Monday to thursday
Friday to sunday
20 minFeet & Legs

No insurance receipt will be issued for pressotherapy treatment.


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