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Express hand beauty care

This express beauty hand treatment includes a scrub of the hands, the beauty of the nail, and one option between massage, paraffin or nail polish application.


Express foot beauty care

The express beauty foot care includes soaking, exfoliation of the feet, sanding of calluses, beauty of the nail, and one option between massage, paraffin or nail polish application.


Express hand and foot beauty care

Soaking, exfoliation, the beauty of the nail, sanding of calluses, beauty of the nail, and one option between massage, paraffin or nail polish application.


Paraffin for hands or feet

This wrap is ideal when your hands or feet are very dry, rough, and very close to chapping. Paraffin also applies to people who have arthritis, osteoarthritis or rheumatism. You have the option of receiving this treatment with or without a massage.

With massage: $39



Noah hand beauty care

The Noah hand beauty treatment includes a hand scrub, the beauty of the nail, followed by a massage, a nourishing paraffin wrap and finally an application of nail polish.

Noah foot beauty care

The Noah Foot beauty treatment includes foot soaking, foot scrub up to the knee, callus sanding, nail beauty, foot and leg massage, application of a nourishing paraffin mask and nail polish.


Noah hand and foot beauty care

Soaking, exfoliation, beauty of the nail, callus sanding, nail beauty, massage, nourishing paraffin mask and nail polish.


UV Nail polish


Student Facial Skin Care

This treatment is ideal for people who want a good deep cleansing. It includes a facial cleanser, toner, exfoliator and mask suitable for your skin type.


Duration : 45 minutes

Soin Visage 2


Treat yourself to a facial treatment from the Payot range, more than a skincare brand!

A skincare specialist, Payot wants to provide products to boost self-confidence, help people feel beautiful, and good about themselves.


Éclat essentiel

  • A true concentrate of energy for the skin.
  • Smooth and stimulate the skin.
  • Instant healthy glow effect.
60 min98 $

Pureté essentielle

  • Facilitate the opening of pores thanks to the self-heating effect
  • Deeply unclog the skin
  • Eliminate impurities and toxins
75 min
98 $

La Fraîcheur

  • Hydrate and plump the skin.
  • Smooth then offer a silky and soft touch.
90 min128 $

Douceur essentielle

  • Soothe and comfort the skin
  • Calm feelings of discomfort
  • Restore comfort and flexibility
75 min
98 $


Treat yourself to a treatment from the GM Collin range, offering recognized expertise and innovative ingredients. G.M. Collin's mission: to enable each person to discover their unique beauty and absolute self-confidence, G.M. Collin has continued its tradition of excellence and innovation, for over 60 years.


Express Care: CLEAR

Moisturizing and brightening treatment including cleansing and exfoliation. You will be given a brief rest during the mask. The treatment will finally end with the application of a serum and cream designed for your skin type. Your complexion will be radiant and the texture of your skin will be improved. This radiance treatment will make your skin soft and comfortable.

45 min$50

Derm RenewalPeeling

Lactic and glycolic peels to combat the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and congested skin. A deep exfoliation that combines lactic acid, glycolic acid and arginine to promote skin hydration.

45 min$75


This revolutionary treatment is designed to brighten the complexion, revitalizing dull, tired and stressed skin.

This five-step treatment begins with a thorough cleansing of the skin followed by a chemical peel to remove dead cells that congest the skin. A unique Oxygen Complex penetrates the skin with a relaxing light massage that invigorates the skin and helps it regain its radiance.

The Oxygenating Mask is applied to reduce the visible signs of stress and fatigue, while allowing you to enjoy a well-deserved rest. The treatment is completed by an application of the normalizing cream to eliminate skin congestion and Sodium Hyaluronate to hydrate.

You will leave with brightened, illuminated and hydrated skin that looks healthy and younger.

60 min



Algomask +

Your skin will be soothed and hydrated thanks to this thermo-refreshing treatment. Designed to minimize the onset of redness and provide hydration relief for sensitive skin issues.

Your skin will then be bathed in serum targeting your skin's priority needs. The expert hands of your beautician will transport you to a world of relaxation with a sublime facial massage, before applying the refreshing Algomask.

After 20 minutes of relaxation, you will feel invigorated with radiant skin.
60 min$95

Sea C Spa

This anti-aging treatment is ideal for reversing the visible signs of aging and energizing the skin.

After initial cleansing and exfoliation, your beautician will apply a powerful antioxidant with cosmetic benefits to your skin, Vitamin C Serum 15%.

Subsequently, all the benefits of the sea will be offered to your skin through the application of seaweed films. These will be activated and then dissolved, to allow the active ingredients to be infused into the skin, using continuous massage with an active lotion. Your skin will be caressed and your senses intoxicated by the sweet scent of orange blossoms.

Afterwards, the application of an organic mud mask will allow you to enjoy a moment of relaxation.

This treatment visibly improves the elasticity of the skin, leaving it rejuvenated, soft and supple.
75 min$115

Collagen 90-ll

This exclusive, highly regarded and intensely rejuvenating treatment dramatically reduces visible fine lines and wrinkles.
The energizing serum is applied after cleansing and exfoliation of the entire face to ensure better absorption by the skin.

Then the Intensive Complex is precisely massaged to penetrate the skin, preparing it for the application and activation of the collagen film.

The treatment will end with the application of a Velvety Vitality Cream, leaving your skin feeling as silky and smooth as it looks.
75 min$130


Warm wax (for her)
Bikini (groin) $12
Groin, pubis
Half legs (knees included)
Back of thighs
Back of thighs, inside
Half-legs and thighs
Half-legs, thighs, bikini (groin)
Half-legs, thighs, bikini (groin), armpits
Half-legs, bikini (groin), armpits
Half-arms (forearm)
Full arms, fingers
Lower back, neck or navel line
Price to be determined by body region

Warm wax (for him)
Back (including neck) $30
Half-back or half-chest $22
Back, shoulders (including half arms) $60
Chest $28
Underarms $12
Back & Chest $56
Shoulder & Neck $18
With tweezersPrice to be determined by body region

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