Noah Spa

Opening : December 9th, 2021

We are now taking reservations!

Revitalize body and mind

A unique concept

The Noah Spa and its unique watergenic spa course offers a sequence of massage jets with distinct benefits: neck fountain, lumbar jets, arm and foot jets, relaxation bed, walking lane and more. In addition to our indoor facilities, extend your relaxation experience outdoors. Hammam, dry sauna and spas will bring you their benefits in a soothing decor.

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Discover our entire range of services offered for your greater well-being. Whether you need a short visit or a complete experience with an overnight stay at the Hotel Le Navigateur, see all of our available offers.


The experience and its benefits

Our installations

The therapeutic properties of water are known to purify, revitalize and tone the body as well as to relieve certain pains. Hydrotherapy is a natural method that uses water in different forms: liquid, vapor, ice and at various temperatures. At Noah Spa, we offer a full range of hydrotherapy treatments including the watergenic spa course, which you will not find anywhere else!

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