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9AM TO 1PM$50
1:30 PM TO 5:30PM$50
6PM TO 8:30PM$35
Whole day (2 or 3 time slots)$70
9AM TO 1 PM$60
1:30 PM TO 5:30PM$60
6PM TO 10PM (Fridays and Saturdays only)$60
Whole day (2 or 3 time slots)$80
1-MONTH access watergenic spa$250
3-MONTH access watergenic spa$650
6-MONTH access watergenic spa$950
1-YEAR access watergenic spa$1450

With the purchase of a membership, members will benefit from:
- 15% discount on massage therapy, body and beauty treatments
- 15% discount on the purchase of aesthetic products and at the boutique
- 15% discount on access to the baths for ONE companion
On regular prices, available at all times.

* Entrance to the watergenic spa included and gives access to: towel, locked locker, rest / snack area, waterergic spa, indoor / outdoor spa, hammam, sauna, cold pool and outdoor heated swimming pool. You can also buy your sandals ($15). Children 12 and older are permitted Sunday through Friday, and must be accompanied by an adult. Minimum age for access to the baths on Saturdays: 18 years old.



Salt water at 29°C (85°F): 8 stations with distinct benefits (Duration approximately 45 min.)
Follow your own rhythm. Go from station to station and discover the benefits of the massage jets on the different areas of the body:

  1. Individual massage bed
    Relieves pressure on muscles and joints through the feeling of weightlessness.
  2. Counter-current walkway
    Tones the muscles and activates the heart rate.
  3. Neck fountain
    Releases the neck and trapezoids from the tensions due to stress.
  4. Water jet cubicle for feet, legs and back
    Lightens the body and provides a massage to the feet, legs and back.
  5. Air jet cubicle for feet, legs and back
    Lightens the body and provides a massage to the feet, legs and lower back.
  6. Jetted benches for the lumbar region and legs
    Provides a deep massage of the back and calf muscles.
  7. Animated water and air massage cubicle
    Releases the muscles of toxins accumulated by muscle fatigue.
  8. Cold pool with massaging waterfallHelps reduce muscle aches and aches, revives the skin and improves blood circulation.
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Total well-being (duration: 10 min.)

  1. Hammam
  2. Dry sauna
    Hammam and dry sauna are two techniques that use water vapor
    to provide a feeling of well-being and relaxation, to
    help fight anxiety and stress, to help eliminate
    toxins and dead cells. Heat can relieve osteoarthritis.
  3. Spa 39 °C (102 °F)
    Provides deep relaxation of the body, dilation of pores and
    blood vessels (with sections for the region
    dorso-lumbar and for the calves)
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Cold water pool 10 ° C (50 ° F): a striking effect (duration: 2 to 5 sec.). Grips the body, creates vasoconstriction in blood vessels and skin pores in addition to stimulating the senses (use after a heat source). Make the pleasure last (20 min resting time suggested)



  1. Watergenic Spa (45 min. To 1 h)
  2. Hot spring (10 min.)
  3. Cold water basin (2 to 5 sec.)
  4. Break

* Repeat steps 2 to 4

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  • Put on a swimsuit
  • Tie up your hair
  • Take a shower in the locker room or near the pool before start the hydrotherapy session
  • When you receive a massage treatment, rinse yourself in the shower
  • Use sandals on the go
  • Drinking water is essential for the elimination of toxins and to hydrate.


  • Allow digestion time after a meal
  • Venous insufficiency, heavy leg, varicose veins
  • Phlebitis, cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, depression, low blood pressure, kidney stones, certain diseases inflammatory or muscular, fever
  • Pregnant women
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