Access fee ( +tx) :

Baths Full Day

(Monday to Tuesday) 10 am to 5 pm*: $50
(Wednesday to Thursday) 10 am to 8 pm*: $60

(Friday to Saturday) 10 am to 8 pm*: $60
(Sunday) 10 am to 5 pm*: $60

Baths Evening
(Wednesday to Thursday) 5 pm to 8 pm*: $37

(Friday to Saturday) 5 pm to 8 pm*: $44

* Access to the watergenic spa including: towel, bottle of water, locker with lock, rest/refreshment area, watergenic spa, int./ext. spa, hammam, sauna, cold bath. Sandals are also available for purchase ($10). Sandals are required.

Membership Card (7 days)

Single access watergenic spa*: $150 + taxes/1 month

Single access watergenic spa*: $450 + taxes/3 months

Single access watergenic spa*: $600 + taxes/6 months

Single access watergenic spa*: $800 + taxes/1 year

Before Bathing

  • Put on swimwear
  • Attach your hair
  • Take a shower in the change room or next to the pool before starting the hydrotherapy session
  • After a massage, rinse off under the shower
  • Use sandals when moving around the site

Drinking water is essential for eliminating toxins and for staying hydrated.


  • Leave time for digestion after a meal
  • Venous insufficiency, heavy legs, varicose veins
  • Phlebitis, cardiovascular diseases, epilepsy, depression, low blood pressure, kidney stones, certain inflammatory or muscular ailments, fever
  • Pregnant women

Rebalance your interior, relax your body, let the water wrap around you and enjoy this moment of refreshment and wellbeing!

The therapeutic properties of water are well known for purifying, revitalizing and toning the body as well as for alleviating certain pains. Hydrotherapy is a natural process that uses water in various forms: liquid, vapour, ice and various temperatures. At Noah Spa, we offer a full line of hydrotherapy treatments including the watergenic pool, that you won’t find anywhere else!


Watergenic Pool

Salt water at 29°C (85°F): 8 stations with distinct benefits (Duration approximately 45 min.)
Follow your own rhythm. Go from station to station and discover the benefits of the massage jets on the different areas of the body:

  1. Water jet bench for the lower back and legs
    Deeply massages the back and calf muscles.
  2. Air jet cubicle for the feet, legs and back
    Relaxes the body and massages the feet, legs and lower back.
  3. Neck massage fountain
    Releases stress tension in the back of the neck and trapezoids.
  4. Water jet cubicle for the feet, legs and back
    Relaxes the body and massages the feet, legs and back.
  5. Counter-current walking corridor
    Tones the musculature and activates the heart rate.
  6. Water and air massage cubicle
    Releases toxins built up in the muscles by muscular fatigue.
  7. Individual massage bed
    Alleviates muscle and joint pressure through a sensation of weightlessness.
  8. Cold bath with massaging waterfall
    Reduces muscle aches and soreness, revives the skin and improves blood circulation.

Heat Sources: total well-being (duration: 10 min.)

  • Hammam
  • Dry sauna
    Hammam and dry sauna are two techniques that use water vapour to provide a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation, to help combat anxiety and stress, to promote the elimination of toxins and dead cells. Heat can help alleviate arthrosis.
  • Spa 39 °C (102 °F)
    Provides a deep relaxation for the body, dilates pores and blood vessels (with zones for the lower back and the calves)

Cold water bath 10°C (50°F): a dramatic effect (duration: 2 to 5 sec.)
Invigorates the body, creates a vasoconstriction of blood vessels and the skin pores, as well as stimulating the senses (use after a heat source)
Prolong the pleasure (20 min. rest period is suggested)

  • Spa (exterior)
  • Relaxation areas (interior et exterior)

The Noah Spa Experience

Step 1: Watergenic pool (45 min. to 1 hr.)
Step 2: Heat source (10 min.)
Step 3: Cold water bath (2 to 5 sec.)
Step 4: Rest period
Repeat steps 2 to 4