For ultimate relaxation, enjoy a massage! At Noah Spa, a number of techniques are used to optimise the benefits of muscular release and relaxation. Pressure is applied according to your preference and requests.

An insurance receipt is available for massage therapy only.



A massage that combines firmness and softness. This treatment helps reduce tension and to tone the muscles. It stimulates blood circulation and the nervous system. A popular massage that’s liked by all!
Duration: 30 min, cost: $55 + taxes (back)
Duration: 1 h, cost: $95 + taxes (full body)
Duration: 1 hr 30, cost: $125 + taxes

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massages are of Amerindian origin and make use of volcanic rocks for their capacity to retain heat.
This thermotherapy helps ease deep muscular tension and chronic pain, which restores blood circulation and the energy flow around the body.
Contraindications: diabetes, phlebitis, cardiovascular issues, weak immune system.
Duration: 1 hr 15, cost: $120 + taxes
Duration: 45 min, cost: $90 + taxes (back, neck and back of legs)


Be warned! Massage using methods that dig deep (fist, forearm, elbow). Ideal for athletes with muscle exhaustion.
Duration: 30 min, cost: $65 + taxes (back)
Duration: 1 h, cost: $110 + taxes (complete body)

Shell Massage

A hot shell massage is enveloping, flowing and relaxing. This treatment relieves muscular tension while using heat to alleviate your nervous system. It also promotes better blood and lymph circulation.
Comfort blend: Generally advised for the first experience or for people with a lower tolerance to heat.
Deep heat blend: For people with a higher tolerance to heat.
Duration: 1 hr.
Cost: $110 + taxes